Winter Rules

It has been agreed that the use of winter mats will commence on Monday the 6th of November, the weekend after the Whittingham Trophy.

Play is not allowed of tees when using winter mats.

The holes in the mats are for tee pegs to hold down the mat whilst taking your shot. Mats should be flat and not bent and used the length of the mat to play off and not the width.

Paul has roped off areas on some holes to ease the traffic close to greens with buggies and electric trolleys. Members are asked to not enter these areas by going under the ropes with trollies. If members do not respect this, the committee will review and may ban the use of trollies. 

Trolleys and Buggies are also not to be taken between bunkers and the greens, especially on the 9th and 10th holes.

Thank you