Greenkeepers Progress Report

Winter Update and Spring Plan

2020 – 2021


Apart from the fact that the rain has restricted us from cutting them, the greens have drained well and are in good condition.  Spraying fungicides has been impossible, so some damage from fusarium is evident – but thankfully not too serious.  I have decided not to hollow core this spring – this is in order to present the course in its best condition for the start of the season.  When the weather allows, we will spike the greens and apply sand.  Temporary greens have been impossible to cut, but the new size hole cups seem to be popular. 


Our intention was to verti-drain them in October, but again the rain intervened.


This will continue to be cut at two inches.


Winter tees will be in play from March to enable us to prepare the tees for the new season.  A new tee has been constructed for the Ladies 18th.  The 12th Winter Tee has been prepared just after the 11th green.


These have been full of water for most of the winter, so our winter plan for the bunkers has not gone as well as we hoped.  However, the 5th bunker has been split into two, allowing a run-up area on to the green similar to the 17th.  The bunker on the right-hand side has been filled in and re-turfed.  The bunker on the left is not yet complete and will be G.U.R. All bunkers will be tidied up and replenished with sand prior to the start of the season.


Dozens of trees have been felled and are being removed from the course, some to be shredded.  The vast majority of these trees were Elder and were rotting and dangerous.  A look at the trees on the left-hand side of the 2nd is a perfect example of this.  Re-turfing has taken place around the course on problem areas.  Limestone has been used to repair paths around the course.  Ditches on the 11th and 12th holes have been reshaped.  Parts of the 12th ditch have been rebuilt and steps put in to make it a more aesthetically pleasing.  The selling of logs from felled trees has proved popular with both the members and the wider community.  A tally of logs sold and monies taken is kept by myself and currently stands at 22 bags and £550.  To date, £130 of this has been spent on additional equipment for the course – receipts for which are also kept by myself.


I would particularly like to thank Roger for his help in sourcing materials and for his time and the use of his machines.  I would also like to thank my team (Nick, Adam and Jim) who have worked in awful conditions throughout the winter. 

I am looking forward to working with our new chairman Richard Coates and I would like to welcome our new captain Craig Peach.

As always, I am looking forward to the new season and will endeavour to provide a top quality course for your enjoyment.

Finally, thank you for your continued support and kind comments. 

Paul Owens

(Head Greenkeeper)