Greenkeepers Progress Report


Winter plan in place

October to December 2018

1. Hollow coring has just been completed with thirty tonnes of sand going into the greens.

2.Deep verti-draining of greens will take place on Tuesday 16th October. These holes will remain open.

3. Verti-draining of fairways will commence in the next couple of weeks. Any spiked fairways are allowed pick clean and place.

4.Temporary greens are being prepared for the eventuality of frost. Repair work is necessary on fringes and greens. These areas are allowed a free drop, no nearer the hole. Please do not drive buggies over temporary greens.

5. Leaf picking will be a priority every day in order to make the course playable.

December 2018 to March 2018

1. The unsightly mound on the right approaching the 3rd green is to be stripped of all vegetation and grassed over.

2. A mini-digger is to be hired to clean some ditches and remove stumps.

3. Some trees are leaning in a potentially hazardous position. These will be taken down.

4. With use of wooden shuttering,work will commence to level problem trees.

In addition to all of the above jobs, we will continue in the same vein as last year- clearing over-grown areas to make the course more golfer-friendly and pleasing to the eye.
Thank You in anticipation of your continued support.

Paul Owens