Greenkeepers Progress Report


Leaf picking has not been as efficient last year as I would have liked – due to the breaking-down of our tractor.  Apologies for that.  However, the Golf Club has now purchased another tractor, which will not only facilitate leaf picking next autumn, but also has allowed us to use our spiker (which has been repaired) to verti-drain the seventh fairway.  I am very pleased with the results of this and it will be continued on all fairways this autumn.  

After last year’s hot summer, we have needed to repair and re-seed fringes and greens.  This has gone very well and will continue during the spring.  

The mound between the third and fourth has been completed and once it is seeded, will be G.U.R. until the grass has grown.  This will also apply to the many stumps that have been removed. 

Steps have been added and repaired around the course and paths are being replenished with bark and stone.  

Many trees have been felled and this will continue until the spring.

Fungicides and the recent frosts have helped us to eradicate the fusariun which has been a constant problem during the mild winter months. 

We have just had our yearly soil analysis and this has shown that our greens are in very good health.  Hollow-coring will take place around the end of February/beginning of March – weather permitting.  

Winter tees are to be used starting on Monday, 18th February to enable us to prepare the tees.  

All fairways and surrounds of greens will be sprayed with a selective weed killer during the spring.  Our fertiliser program for the greens has been ordered, as well as wetting agents and fungicides to allow us to prepare a good quality putting surface.  

All machines are being fully serviced and all cutting units are being re-ground ready for the coming season.  

As a team, we will continue to prepare the course to the best of our abilities and thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Paul Owens