Captain’s Blog – 20 November

Hello Shirland Golfers

I hope that you’re all keeping well and coping with the enforced break from golfing. I don’t have a lot to report this week, so I’ll keep this brief.

Congratulations to Marion Shinfield for winning the Masters Golf Sweepstake. £100 credit is being added to your account.

This fundraiser has helped to raise our contributions to the Teenage Cancer Trust to £6682 (£7302 when you include Gift Aid). I’m not sure that there will be much chance to do anything more before the New Year, but if you are interested in chipping anything more here are a couple of options that you might like to consider. NB: While I’m keen to maximise our fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust, the following options can be used to support any registered charity that you are interested in supporting.

Initiative 1: At this time every year thoughts start to turn towards Christmas preparations and the ritual of sending Christmas Cards. Instead of sending large number of cards, why not make a donation to your preferred charity, comparable to the amount you’d usually spend on cards and postage. But don’t forget to find other means of communicating your best wishes to those you love.

Don’t forget

Initiative 2: If you have found, during this troubling year, that your online shopping has gone into overdrive, and you use Amazon for your purchases, you could consider registering with Amazon Smile. If you log on to you can continue to use your amazon account, at no extra cost, but Amazon pays a small percentage of your purchase price to your nominated charity. You just have to ensure that you are logged into Amazon via Smile to ensure that eligible purchases result in donations. The donations are not massive, but from 37 orders placed this year £4.80 has gone to TCT from my purchases. So far this year TCT has received £20,675 from customer purchases.

Last week I announced that I’ve chosen Martin Musgrave to be my vice-captain for the 2021 season. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to express their support for Martin. It really is appreciated.

As usual, I’ll close with this week’s golfing quotes. (This week we’re returning to the 19th hole.):

In Ireland the 19th hole is mandatory, as are 20 & 21 – Bill Murray

I once called his hotel room, the morning after a convivial meeting. I said, “Is that Lee Trevino?” A bleary voice answered, “Wait a minute. Let me look in the mirror.” – Gary Player

If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt – Dean Martin

Stay Safe everyone

Mr Captain