Captain’s Blog – 16 October

Hello Shirland Golfers

I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to the many Shirland Golf Club members who have sent words of kindest to my family and to Jess Peach specifically in connection with her hospitalisation last week. She went in for an exploratory operation with the expectation of returning home in the following day or two. Complications followed and she remained in the hospital in a very poorly state for the following week. I am pleased to report that she is much better and, although needing a few more days of rest and recuperation, is home and on the mend.

Worrying times seem to be returning on the COVID-19 front with increased case numbers and restrictions occurring nationwide. Please keep an eye on the news and your emails as additional measures could very well return, if our experience of the first wave is anything to go by.

In case you’ve missed any communications please note that there are increased restrictions on the occupancy of the cabin in the top car park, due to the latest COVID threat levels guidance.

Also, any remaining credit (dating from when Shaun Smith was our club professional) must be redeemed by the end of the year. Otherwise you will lose it.

I didn’t play last weekend, for obvious reasons, and have yet to decide on this weekend’s schedule with still plenty going on away from the club. Hopefully, normal service (whatever that is) will resume shortly.

 This week’s golfing quotes, for you to ponder until the next edition:

A fanatical golfer is speaking to his friend: “For years I didn’t know where my wife spent her evenings.”

The friend asks him how he finally found out: “Well, one evening I went home, and there she was!” – George Burns

The most maddening thing about golf is the perversity with which the body refuses to obey the mind. – Pat Ward-Thomas

Happy golfing

Mr Captain