Captain’s Blog – 26 August 2020

Now that the dust has settled on this year’s Captain’s Day, I thought I’d share a few words of reflection.

Sunday was a long day, from arriving at the course around 06:45 to leaving around 17:15 with everything cleared away and the raffle drawn. I don’t believe that the volunteers or myself stopped all day, as we worked across three distinct locations to keep the day running smoothly and encourage folk to buy cakes, try for the nearest the pin prize and relax with a burger after their rounds. It all went pretty smoothly, until around 14:00, when the heavens decided to open, soaking the last 4 group and all support activities. As I was stood at the top of the practice field, I could not see what was happening at the other locations, but my guess is that the heavy rain and strong winds will have challenged everyone. A quick look at the charity bunting was enough to show how chaotic it must have been for a while. Still, everyone kept working, kept smiling and the burgers kept cooking.

A word of thanks to Andy Murtagh for the loan of his brolly. You’re a lifesaver mate.

So how did we get on. 67 Players took part in the competition with Andy Murtagh pipping Junior Captain – Josh Rowland to the overall win on count-back. Both had 41 points and a brace of 2s to look back on. Well done to both players. The prize money £50.25 for the winners, £33.50 for 2nd and £16.75 for third shows the benefit of a large field of players. So thank you all again for supporting this event.

The Halfway House was open throughout the competition (well, not in time for the first group, but I’m sure they were running 😊). A lovely selection of home baking was available along with tea and Coffee. My thanks to Beverley Peach, Nicola Peach and Lady Captain – Christine Gamble for making this station such a success, raising £138, plus another £15 through the sale of unsold cakes in the pro-shop over the following two days.

As players came up 18th fairway they were invited to take part in the Target Golf (nearest the pin) challenge, shooting to a temporary green, cut into the practice range. This challenge was designed to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 restrictions, in lieu of the NTP challenges that we are currently unable to operate on the course itself. The majority of players bought into the challenge and there were some superb attempts throughout the day. The following players hit the green:

Darren Hodson, Darren Smith, Darrel Smith, Tony Searston, Richard Coates, Mick Murtagh, Steven Prue, Paul Owens (pin high) and Michael Holmes (First to hit the green, and unbeaten). £25 prize.

Thanks again to Paul Owens for preparing this green. It worked a treat. We raised £117 from this activity alone.

After the round everyone was invited to partake of the BBQ, ably delivered by Mark and Bradley Davis, supported by Nicola and Jess Peach when required. Lucy White also helped to sell raffle tickets on the day also. Between them (and including a count of the money from the charity tin from the pro-shop) they raised £328 (after deducting BBQ costs).

With additional donations we raised £618.85 over the course of the day’s events. I’ve rounded this up to £650 and paid it directly into the Justgiving page.

One activity that we had planned to complete, but the weather prevented, was the ceremonial presentation of the Captain’s Green Jacket (normally conducted at the Drive Off). We had hoped to do this at the end of the competition, but with heavy rain and no audience, we scrapped that idea. One day we’ll sort it.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has provided personal feedback regarding the day, saying how much they enjoyed it and how well organised the day proved to be. Credit has to go to the volunteers for making my plans work so smoothly. I really could not have done this without them.

Upcoming events:

Saturday 29 August : TVL Trophy (Bogey Competition)

Sunday 30 August : Scratch Cup

Sunday 6 September : Captain’s Charity Bike ride to Lincoln (at least). If you want to support this effort, please visit my Just Giving page and show your support for the Teenage Cancer Trust once more.

My next challenge, after that (other than walking on 7& 8 September), will be doing this all over again on 19 September when we hold the Charity Open. I can’t wait. (I think).

All the best

Mr Captain

Halfway House and new Pod

Target Golf