Captain’s Blog – 15 August

2020 – The year when planning became pointless. But we keep trying….

Recently we told you that the Hollow Coring would be starting early, in a bid to move the recovery of the greens to the next level. Sadly, as you’ll have seen in the recent email, that is not going to be possible, for reasons beyond our influence. The plan now is to undertake this work in the first week in September. Let’s hope that nothing else comes up to disturb that plan. Meanwhile, I’ve asked that we move the Invitation Day back to a later weekend, as 13th September may be too soon following these works.

Regular readers of this Blog will understand that, while I want to keep you informed (in addition to the regular emails that are issued to the membership) I also want to keep this light and as positive as I can with regard to the future. This is definitely a season that has tested our club and its membership in a variety of ways, but we’re still here and, if we all keep pulling in the same direction, we’ll come out of this year stronger for the experience.

Next weekend sees the Captain’s Day (Sunday 23rd August). Plans (dare I mention them) are falling into place.

Entries: There are still plenty of spaces on the start sheet. If you haven’t put your name down yet, please do so, as we need to make this a big event for the club. I’ve spoken to our Lady Captain and agreed that, as we have in the past, the ladies will be allowed to compete alongside the gentlemen in this event. This day is all about the club coming together with a common purpose and enjoying this wonderful game on our home turf.

Inevitably, one person who won’t be playing is me. I sense that I’m going to have too much on my hands to be able to play too. As mentioned previously, if you are not playing, or have family members willing to help out, all volunteers will be most appreciated.

My good friend Mark Davis (co-participant in the sponsored bike ride) has kindly agreed to cook the BBQ for when groups leave the 18th tee. But we will need help to keep the lawns outside the marquee tidy and ensure that we don’t cut corners on the social distancing. We need help to run the halfway house, and to support me with the target golf challenge on the practice range. The are also raffle tickets to be sold and cakes to be baked for the halfway house. If you can help in any way, please let me know when you are available.

This promises to be a brilliant day, if we can get a good number of entries and we all commit to making the best of it, so please do give your support. Finally, when you arrive on Sunday, please bring plenty of cash for the target golf, cakes, raffle tickets and the BBQ. All profits will go to the Captain’s Charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust, and I hope you are ready to give them all your support.

Stepping seamlessly onto the charity fundraising, can I also remind you that Mark and I will be cycling to Lincoln on Sunday 6th September for the TCT. There is a sponsor form in the pro-shop for you to show your support for our efforts. I’d love to see a few pledges on there to encourage Mark and myself in or endeavours.

Tomorrow we play the D Whysall Trophy Single Bogey competition. Please, will someone knock Dan Preston off his perch. If he wins it for the third year running, we’ll never hear the end of it.

I’ll close by saying my personal thanks to everyone who has and who continues to give of their time and efforts to support the running of our club through these trying times. The volunteer ethic at our club is, frankly, amazing. Please show your appreciation for those who are continuing to work hard to enable you to enjoy your golf.

Mr Captain